Between The Fences
Before Guantanamo, there was a Port Isabel Service Processing Center

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Between The Fences

An insider’s view of the tyranny and corruption
in the largest INS detention camp in the United States.
Depositions, interviews and news articles document
the accuracy of this shocking exposè.

By Tony Hefner

Something at the Bayview INS Detention Center is terribly wrong, and Tony Hefner knows it. But the guards are instructed repeatedly not to speak of anything they witness inside the camp. Those who do are replaced. In Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, one of the most poverty-stricken areas in the United States, good jobs are scarce and the competition for them is fierce. The detention camp pays the best wages for a hundred miles. The guards follow orders and keep quiet. From the thousands of detainees who enter the camp, male officers identify their victims. Hefner watches as attractive women—and men—are singled out for the offic e r’s sexual pleasure. For six years Hefner compiled notebooks of the assaults he witnessed. A suspicious death occurs when an inmate collapses and is refused medical treatment. A coverup protects a top government official possessing cocaine in Mexico. Other officers are found peddling drugs to detainees. Warned, but compelled to speak out, Hefner was fired. He spent two years fighting the system before he won back his job. More determined then ever, Hefner continued gathering information on the abuses in the camp. Fired once again, he was “blacklisted” for speaking out. In addition, he began receiving death threats but it did not stop him. Learn first hand the problems in the Immigration & Nautralization Service that demand an Inspector General investigation and a general “housecleaning” from top to bottom.

ISBN - 1-58322-912-4
320 Pages • Paperback • $20.00
Publication Date: May 2010

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