Business T1 services

What is a T1?
A T1 Line is a dedicated phone line that directly connects your company to your ISP giving you the fastest internet connection available. With this connection, there is no worry about security or about having to share your bandwidth with someone else.

High End Product for a High End Business!
This is the most expensive broadband product, but it is by far the best. The entire internet is built on T lines, or something like them. No matter how you browse the web, you are traveling on a T line somewhere along the way. Knowing that this is the product ISP's use to access the web, isn't this the way your company should access the web.

Highest Security Available!
Other forms of High-Speed internet have security issues dealing with someone physically breaking into your network. Because a T line is a physical phone line from one point to another, the owner of that line does not have to worry about someone seeing the information you are sending over that line. This is they type of line banks use to connect to other branches. It is by far the most secure line a company can get.

A Whole New Web Experience!
Your company will experience the web in a way you never have before. With all users in your company having always on High Speed Internet, they no longer have to wait for critical information, or to place orders. They will be browsing the web as if they were browsing around on their own computer. It is that fast. This is a great way to connect your company to both your suppliers and customers in real time.

This service is available for almost any business.  Availability actually depends on the phone company and whether they can install to your location.  If you would like to know how much it would be and if it is available at your location, Contact us by following this link.

Local Loop Costs
We cannot give prices online because the price depends mostly on the Telephone company charge for the T1 line called the local loop cost.

Bandwidth Costs
Bandwidth prices depend more on how much you are going to use than how much you get.  Nobody is cheaper than us, and Nobody is more reliable than us. Our technical support is unmatched and we are the longest surviving local ISP in Northern Michigan and we will remain right here in Northern Michigan to better serve our Customers. If you are interested in getting a quote, Contact us by following this link" or call us at (231)331-4622.

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