Fiber Optic Service and Pricing
Fiber Optic Service Prices

Fiber Optic Internet Connections are now available in certain areas from COLI Inc.

In the Summer of 2013 COLI started building the next generation network with Fiber Optic Cable.  We currently have Fiber Optic cable available to those along the route from our Office down Rapid City Rd. to Hill rd.  We are going to be expanding further north from our office in the summer of 2014.

What this means for those customers that are able to get it is: Fiber Optic connections to the internet will be the fastest, most dependable connections there is on the internet.  There is nothing better. Plans for this service will start at 30megs and  75megs (download and upload), with other plans in excess of 100megs if requested. 

Current COLI Plans:

Residental Pricing:

30Mbps/30Mbps Connection: $45/month
75Mbps/75Mbps Connection: $70/month

Business Pricing

30Mbps/30Mbps Connection: $90/month
75Mbps/75Mbps Connection: $130/month

Setup (Current Wireless Customers)

To be determined

Setup (New Customers)

To be determined

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