Business Services

COLI Inc. Business Services .
Below is a list of current services offered from COLI Inc, for your Business.

High Speed Connections

  • Wireless
    (Access the Internet at Blazing Speeds with an external wireless antennia mounted outsidee your home) (Requires no hookup line from your ultilites)
  • Fiber Optic
    (Access the Internet at hyper Speeds using a glass cable from your business to our internet backbone)
  • DSL
    (Access the Internet at Highspeeds with your business telephone line).
  • High Speed Satellite Service from Exede
    (Access the Internet at Highspeeds with your phone line).
  • Dedicated (T1)
    (1.5Megs Up and Down over a very realible connection)
  • VPN
    (Create a virtual connection between Offices or Business Locations over the Internet, or your home and business)
  • Point to Point
    (Create a dedicated connection between Offices or Business Locations)

Data Protection

Web Services

Digital Phone Service
Save big Money on Phone Services by going digital and use your business internet connection for phone service, rather then paying the telcos.

Email Services
Up to 2 gigs storage per email address for your own domain. Fully Ajax supported webmail program included or use your own email client. Supports IMAP, WAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Data Backup
Backup your data on a offsite server, away from any distaster that may happen to your data at home

Content Filtering
Block all unwanted content from your Internet Service.(ex. Employee Browsing to sites that take time away from there job)

Computer Maintenance

  • Computer Repair - Bring your business Machines in for Repair, or ask for a appointment to have an computer expert come out to your business
  • Computer Maintenance Plans - Create a yearly maintenance plan for your computers.
  • Remote Tech Support - Call us and we can remotely login to your computer to fix the problem.
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