Digital Telephone Service
$99 and include the ATA or Digital Telephone device.
(The ATA unit can either be picked up or we can mail it to you at no additional cost.)
Plan: Minutes per Month: Price/Month:
Bronze 200 Outgoing & Unlimited Incoming $20.00/Month
Silver 500 Outgoing & Unlimited Incoming $24.00/Month
Gold 1000 Outgoing & Unlimited Incoming $27.00/Month
Platinum (Unlimited) Unlimited Outgoing & Unlimited Incoming $30.00/Month
Platinum (Unlimited) Yearly Unlimited Outgoing & Unlimited Incoming $330.00/Year

All of the COLI Communication's Digital Telephone packages can receive free incoming calls whereas all of the outgoing minutes are taken out of the allotted pool size that you had signed up for. (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) Service prices depicted include calling within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico only, please contact us if you are inquiring about rates for any other International plans.

All plans have an overage charge if you exceed your allotted pool size, contact Billing for more information and a complete breakdown. Similarly, with International Rates, they do change on roughly a 3-month basis, hence the reason we request you to contact us if you have any in-depth questions regarding those rates, otherwise click THIS link to download a breakdown on International calling rates. Along the same lines, with some International calls, they can vary from country to country and between cities inside of a country.

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