Highspeed Wireless Business Internet Connections

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State of the Art Service:
COLI Communication's high-speed wireless service is cutting edge technology. In select areas we are able to deliver as much as 15MBps or More to-the-door at a fraction of the price of comparative services; guaranteed! We have pre-packaged service levels and can tailor packages based on your businesses needs.

With our non-line-of-sight system, we have more flexibility in the installation process. In some cases it will even allow you the option to install the antenna to the inside of a wall and get great signal. While this is an excellent alternative to people in harder to reach areas, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a definitive solution for installation.

Our new, line-of-sight system, allows us to cover great distances at nearly half the price of the non-line-of-sight system but it does require an outdoor install and near line-of-sight to our tower. This service has an amazing range of coverage and we have recorded customer links at almost 20 miles with perfect conditions!

Always-On Access:<
Wireless, always-on Internet access, with no wait to reconnect every time you want to surf the Internet or check your e-mail. You'll stay connected to the Internet via a high-speed link. No more busy signals or timely connects; with COLI Wireless the Internet waits for you. /p>

With download speeds up to 15MBps in select locations, nearly 500 times faster than a modem and 12 times faster than a T1 line, downloading a file that used to take up to 5 minutes with dial-up can now take as little as a second with Wireless!

Unaffected by bad weather:
Weather doesn't affect this technology. With the recent technological advances weather has become a nonexistent factor with wireless. What this means to you is that your browsing experience will go uninterrupted. Always on, and always there for you.

A Shared Experience:
COLI Wireless can be shared among many computers in the household or business. Shared access means money in your pocket. No longer do you need the extra phone lines for internet. Wireless can supply everyone within the building with always on high speed internet access.

Highest Security Available on our Super High Speed Service:
Many people have a misconception about wireless Internet access as it is often confused with WiFi access. Open WiFi access is unsecured and very dangerous. It is extremely easy for someone to 'sniff' traffic over the air and steal information when you leave your wireless router or other WiFi device as open or unsecured.

COLI Communication's high-speed Internet access has 128-bit AES Encryption.  This means that even if someone is able to figure out a way to intercept traffic over the air, they would need to crack an encryption technique used by the United States Military to keep files safe.  It would be much easier for them to find your T1 line and listen in on that traffic, as most T1s are not encrypted.  Security is not a factor with any broadband wireless technology.  The problems most ill-informed tech people associate with wireless, such as unreliability and insecurity are old problems that once occurred with wireless local area networks, using WiFi, as we mention above.  Companies have been using high end wireless systems for decades now to transmit secure data. We ask you to do the same and encourage you to call us today to find out what we can do for you!

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