Wireless Residential Services - How does it work?

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The wireless system consists of a subscriber unit mounted on, near, or even in your home. Within 1 mile of the tower, the antenna does not need line of sight to the tower, but up to 15 miles it will need line of sight.  One ethernet cable connects the radio to a PC or network router.

The antenna both sends requests to the Internet and receives Internet content from the base station, which is centrally located for optimal coverage. The base station, in turn, communicates with now COLI Communication's direct connection to the Internet.

Inside your house, the wireless system consists of an access unit radio and power supply (which is about the size of a package of 3.5in x 5in note cards) that attaches to your home PC through a network card, or firewall router. In both cases, no telephone connection, dial-up account or other Internet service providers are needed. Broadband wireless provides everything you need to fully enjoy the benefits of the internet at lightning fast speeds.

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