Digital Telephone Service
  • 911 Dialing: COLI provides Basic 911 coverage nationwide and E911 where available. COLI must know the physical location of your Digital Telephone telephone adapter. You will be prompted to provide this information during sign-up. If this address is not accurate or if you move your adapter to another location, even temporarily, you must use the online account management portal or call customer service at 256-273-4777 to update the physical location of your adapter. If this information is not accurately on record, emergency services will not be able to locate you if you are unable to speak your address or are disconnected – even in areas where E911 service is available. 911 service may be disrupted by power outages or outages of your Internet service. We urge you to review the “Emergency Services - 911 Dialing” section in the Terms of Service agreement for more information about 911 Dialing.

  • Voicemail: You can control your Voicemail via your phone or our account management portal.

  • Caller ID: Caller ID enables the phone number of the calling party to be displayed on your phone.

  • Call Waiting: Call Waiting works just like the call waiting feature available with a traditional telephone service, but you don't pay extra for it.

  • Call Forwarding: Use your online account management portal to quickly configure Call Forwarding to an alternate number.

  • Three Way Calling: With Three Way Calling, you will be able to connect with two other parties at the same time.

  • Free In-Network Calls: Calls within the COLI network are always free. This includes domestic and international calls.

  • Mobility: Now you can take your phone service with you when you travel. Simply pack your telephone adapter. As long as your have access to a broadband Internet connection, you can still make and receive calls on your COLI number. Note that some International locations require adapters to support U.S. power supply and telephone cable standards.

  • Add a Second Line: Your telephone adaptor can support two lines. Just select "Add a second line" during the order process and you will be prompted to choose a rate plan for that line.

  • Area Code Selection: You are free to select a number in your local calling area or anywhere else in the country.

  • Call Return: Call Return enables you to dial *69 to automatically return the last incoming call. While there is no additional charge for this feature, any outgoing minutes used to return a call count towards your plan (does not apply to callers with Unlimited plan).

  • Caller ID Block: Caller ID Block, also known as *67, allows you to block your identity when making a phone call. This feature can be activated from your phone or through your online account management portal.

  • International Call Blocking: You to easily block and unblock international calling. The feature is configurable via your online account management portal.

  • Directory Assistance Blocking: Use this feature to prevent Directory Assistance calls from your phone.

  • Do Not Disturb: Do Not Disturb allows you to send callers right to voicemail — even before the first ring.

  • Speed Dial: Speed dial allows you to store up to 100 of the phone numbers you call most often, and then retrieve those numbers with a 2–digit combination. 2–digit speed dialing works for International numbers too. This feature is controlled through your online account management portal.

  • Online Account Management: The account management portal allows you to manage your account, configure services, and even view received calls, missed calls and dialed calls. Customers can log in from the home page of this site.
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