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Remote Technical Computer Support

Remote Technical Support for your computer is a new way for a technician to look at your computer remotely. Ever have a question about how something works or how to do something on your computer or have a question on how to do something on a program and need help with that problem right away. Now you are moments from getting your problem fixed or question answered. All you have to do is, give us a call at 231-331-4622 or at 888-299-0071, and have existing internet access and we will have you click on a link on our homepage and our Computer technician will have immediate access to your computer to see what is going on and to fix it.

Rates for this service is as follows:
COLI Inc, existing customers. **
$15 for first 20 minutes of support, $.75 per minutes after that. $15 minimum.
Non-COLI Inc Internet Access Customers(Wireless, DSL, Dialup) **
$20 for first 20 minutes of Remote Support, $1 per minute after that. $20 Minimum.

* Existing customers do get free support for Internet Access related questions. Tickets will have to be opened for each session.
** This option for technical support, is only if your computer has a connection to the internet where we can access the computer remotely.

If the technician cannot or doesn't feel that your question or problem can be fixed through connecting to your computer remotely, we may have you bring the computer in for repair.

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All prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Any price directly quoted will be good for 30 days after the quote. We reserve the right to quote a different price than what is mentioned on this web site.

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